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introducing Ascenso Tyres

At Australian Tyre Traders (ATT) we are delighted to enter an exclusive partnership with Ascenso Tyres. Bringing one of the fastest growing Agricultural, industrial and OTR brands in the world, to Australia. 

Ascenso is an exciting agricultural, industrial & OTR tyre brand owned and promoted by Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL). It is the third such venture by the renowned Mahansaria Family. In their journey of more than three decades, they have grown two leading tyre brands with global footprints. 

When it comes to agricultural, industrial and OTR tyres, Ascenso are best in class globally. Their expertise in product development comes from over three decades of experience in this space, having already grown two of the world’s leading agricultural, industrial & OTR brands.

ATT add over 600 years of combined experience in the Australian tyre market to this exclusive partnership.

We are committed to provide you with access to a range of premium Agricultural, Industrial, OTR & Forestry tyres, curated for Australia’s unique conditions, through your local tyre dealer.

Specialised Tyres - for Specialist applications

Radial Agricultural Tyres

Bias Agricultural Tyres

Industrial & Construction

Forestry & earth Mover

Agriculture, Industrial, Construction,

Earth Mover & Forestry.

Ascenso have a tyre for your application

Ascenso is an exciting specialist agricultural, industrial & OTR tyre brand owned and promoted by Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL). It is the third such venture by the renowned Mahansaria Family. In their journey of more than three decades, they have grown two leading tyre brands with global footprints. 

Ascenso Tyres is the new global gold standard in tyre engineering and manufacturing capability. The brand caters to the needs of key global segments: Agriculture, Industrial & OTR. 

Working with local experts in each market globally Ascenso understands the importance of working in partnership with local Australian independant tyre dealers who understand and know your local market. Our distribution network are experts in recommending tyres for Australian applications and conditions.

Ascenso offer a wide range of tyres across industries, and will also customise solutions to suit specific customer applications. Ascenso know the Australian market and understand that we are the toughest tyre testing ground in the world. This means their tyres are built to outperform.  

The range is large – patterns and sizes have been carefully curated by local Australian based ttre engineers to perform for our local Australian markets. Ascenso are global innovators with a local mindset – we can expect continuous innovation ahead.    

Ascenso Tyres are built to become your preferred tyre for specialist applications. Ascenso is built for this and more.

Ascenso have tyre solutions for the most demanding Australian agricultural &
off-road tyre applications

Green Locally & Globally

Tread Green Globally

Tread Green is the Ascenso philosophy to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations through environmental stewardship.

Ascenso are committed to minimise their carbon footprint to zero through green infrastructure and a series of initiatives and activities.

Some of the prominent ones are detailed below:

Edge Certifications

Ascenso have received preliminary Edge Green Building certifications for their manufacturing plant at Panoli, Gujarat (India).

Edge is an innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.

It is a credible testimony to the fact that Ascenso have achieved the following benchmarks in their Panoli plant:

  • 30% energy savings
  • 78% water savings
  • 65% less embodied energy in materials

Tread Green Locally

Ascenso Tyres is the first dedicated Agricultural & Industrial Tyre brand to join Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS).

We’ve partnered with Tyre Stewardship Australia to support their commitment to the sustainable management, recycling and productive use of end-of-life tyres.   We do this by making a voluntary financial contribution for every Ascenso tyre imported into Australia

“Contributing to Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme is a natural extension of our Tread Green philosophy.  

We have a deep respect for the markets in which we operate. This means we not only design high-quality tyres purpose-built for the conditions they must operate in, but we also want to give our customers confidence that, by using our tyres, they are contributing to sustainable environmental, social and corporate governance practices. 

We look forward to working with TSA and operators all along the supply chain in Australia’s tyre recovery circular economy to help it strengthen and fulfil its potential to extend the life cycle of our tyres.”  

Ascenso Managing Director Yogesh Mahansaria 

“As an Australian family-owned business we are delighted to partner with Ascenso and TSA to support Australia’s tyre recovery circular economy. Practical decisions like tyre choice can now help Australian private and public business reach their own net carbon targets.”

Australian Tyre Traders Managing Director Shane Morrissy


Specialist Innovation

Ascenso are global tyre specialists with an exciting, innovative and extensive product range. This is underpinned by their decades of experience having already developed two extremely successful, global brands in this space.

The exclusive partnership between Ascenso and ATT came through Ascenso’s desire to partner with a family owned and operated company with the experience and footprint required to roll out the product range nationally.

With over 700 locally owned, independent tyre dealer partners Australia wide, there is sure to be an Ascenso dealer near you.

If you have any questions about the Ascenso product range please speak with your local tyre dealer or contact us on 1300 761 802 and we can connect you with your nearest Ascenso tyre dealer.

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We Provide Everything You'll Need through your local Ascenso Dealer

Selected by local engineers

Our Australian based engineers review each tyre is fit for purpose for our local Australian markets based on our extensive knowledge of Agricultural and off-road tyres.

Local Service & Support

Our Ascenso Australia team are based in all regions all over Australia. You'll find our products available in a dealer near you - wherever you are across Australia.

Our goal is to ensure the right Ascenso tyre is at the right place - when you need it. With warehouses all over Australia we can get tyres to you with short leadtimes.

Global Brand Product Quality

We understand that world-class design and robust engineering processes ensure the Ascenso tyre range has been designed to perform in the harshest Australian conditions