Every Ascenso Tyre You Choose is an Investment in Australia's Tyre
Circular Economy


Welcome to our Ascenso Local Government Introduction Hub where you’ll find information on our brand, our business, and our people. It is our hope that the following information helps, and furthermore, gives you assurances in the reliability of our product, service and after sales support behind our products.

When it comes to agricultural, industrial and OTR tyres, Ascenso are best in class globally. Their expertise in product development comes from over three decades of experience in this space, having already grown two of the world’s leading agricultural, industrial & OTR brands

We are excited to share that the Ascenso Brand is the first dedicated agriculture, construction & OTR tyre brand to participate in the Tyre Stewardship Australia program. This means that every Ascenso Tyre selected for your fleet – will be helping to create the future of Australia’s circular economy.  Are the tyres your council currently using voluntarily contributing to Tyre Stewardship Australia? If not, please use Ascenso Tyres.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we can assist your council team manage and maximise the life and operating costs of tyres across your diverse fleet.

We know that no two councils are the same – though you may share some common goals, the shape and size of your fleet is as diverse as your region, capital projects and maintenance demands. We understand the challenges that council faces in meeting the demands of both planned and unplanned asset maintenance including the surge in demand driven by natural disaster event clean-up’s.

Ascenso Tyres is distributed by Australian Tyre Traders – we are a proudly Australian owned and operated family business. We have key distribution arms throughout Australia and a truly National dealer footprint.

We have partnered with the countries largest independent service network, made up of independently owned commercial stores. This means that we work with dealers who can supply the right tyre for every vehicle in your fleet – even in sizes or categories that we may not currently supply. Our dealer network will always recommend the best product for your application.

Please take time to download your copy of our Ascenso Brand Guide as it contains detailed information that will be relevant to various members of your team.

  • Some information on all our key brands: Ascenso (Agriculture/Industrial/Construction/OTR), Haulmax (Truck), Harvest (Australian Engineered Agriculture)
  • Brand support and information (manufacturing guarantees)
  • Staff and Support Contacts
  • Our 24/7 Haulmax Wingman Service Network

Our brands are backed with strong product guarantees and our team is always open to help wherever needed, to ensure users of our products get the most out of their tyres.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.

Shannon Roberts
National Business Manager – Wholesale
Australian Tyre Traders

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We design, manufacture and distribute a range of premium tyre brands.  We are exclusive distributors of the premium global brand Ascenso Tyres nationally. 

Our commitment is to provide an extensive range of tyre types and sizes with characteristics that deliver performance across a range of diverse industries and applications.

Ascenso Tyres are available through a network of expert authorised dealers in over 700 locations across Australia. 

Our warehouse and distribution network are situated to get tyres to you via our dealer network quickly, including Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, North Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. 

Wherever you are – we have authorised dealers who are expert in our products and their performance features.

Download your copy of the Ascenso Tyres product guide at the link below. 

If you’d like more information about ATT and our other brands including Haulmax Tyres and Haulmax Wingman 24/7 Service Network please click link below.

Australian Tyre Traders (ATT) & Ascenso

Global Scale with a local Mindset

Ascenso is a impressive global brand with capacity and capability to supply the world with their innovative, well designed agricultural and off road tyres.    They also share an important business philosophy with Australian Tyre Traders.    Working with independant and local tyre dealers to service all regions of Australia with local knowledge and global product design and technical expertise 

In a time of global instability and supply chain disruption Ascenso have built an agile production and distribution model that has exceeded customers expectations for the supply chain continuity.   We are grateful to be in a position to work with such seamless operations a widespread across the tyre and machinery industries.  

Ascenso Agricultural & OTR tyres are curated, selected and approved by our local Australian engineering team for local applications and conditions.

At ATT we have extensive local market  knowledge about local industry, local applications and working with local people to supply tyres that are built for locals is what matters.  That will never change for ATT.   We do have a goal to deliver a wider range of Agricultural and OTR tyres and sizes for you because you’ve asked and we’ve heard.   

Ascenco Tyres delivers the benefits of scale and OTR engineering experience for our local Australian markets. 

Our partnership with Ascenso will help us service your market and we look forward to helping your council achieve its goals of operations efficiency, productivity & sustainability.   We look forward to working with you.


At Australian Tyre Traders we are delighted to enter an exclusive partnership with Ascenso Tyres to bring the fastest growing specialist Agricultural brand in the world to Australia.

We’re looking forward to this incredibly exciting range expansion through our ATT independent dealer partnerships around Australia.

As an Australian family-owned business, we’ve built our reputation with our brands made for local conditions.    

In response to growing market demand our Ascenso partnership will meet the ever-growing Australian demand for agricultural tyres that can be trusted to perform in Australian conditions and applications.

We have local experience in agricultural industry applications and working with independent dealers in locations around Australia to supply tyres built intelligently & fit for purpose Australian conditions is what matters.  That will never change for ATT.  


The owners of Ascenso are renowned experts in agricultural tyres and have built global brands before – they know Australia well and this product range has all that experience engineered within it.  

Ascenso know that Australia requires tyres built for the toughest conditions and the most diverse applications.  

We are so confident in the product that I’m pleased to announce a 12 YEAR STRUCTURAL WARRANTY is in place for the radial range of agricultural.

In our Ascenso partnership we now have a massively expanded range of Agricultural tyres with both the product capability, capacity to service your market.

Ascenso has an impressive commitment to –

  • Scaled state of the art production facilities
  • Agile supply chain
  • Expansive ongoing innovation program
  • Brand investment

That will pave the way to a big future in Australia in Agricultural tyres.


Ascenso are agricultural tyre specialists, and the product range is innovative and extensive – but we also share an important philosophy of how we do business.  Keeping distribution and service close to you – local.  Our Australian business will grow with local dealer partnerships all over Australia.   This means through local long term Ascenso dealer partnerships.   We started as 2 family owned business and we support the growth of other family owned  business.   This is articulated in the Ascenso brand as “Never Stop Rising”.  


This is a brand that knows what works in agricultural tyres.   Their tyres are built tough – to last.   Already Ascenso is in 65 countries across the globe and by December 2022 will have over 45 patterns and 500 sizes in the range.    


Ascenso recognises that growth shouldn’t come at the expense of the ENVIRONMENT – The range is built with a targeted zero carbon footprint . ATT is also backing the Ascenso treat green philosophy with a partnership with the Tyre Stewardship Australia  partnership.

Ascenso Tyres is the new global standard in agricultural tyre engineering and manufacturing capability.   We’re look forward to introducing the brand to end users all over Australia.

We are pleased to now add Ascenso Tyres to our range and we look forward to this range expansion through our Ascenso ATT partnership.

Shane Morrissy  – ATT Managing Director

keeping it local

At Australian Tyre Traders (ATT) we are delighted to enter an exclusive partnership with Ascenso Tyres. Bringing one of the fastest growing Agricultural, industrial and OTR brands in the world, to Australia.

When it comes to agricultural, industrial and OTR tyres, Ascenso are best in class globally. Their expertise in product development comes from over three decades of experience in this space, having already grown two of the world’s leading agricultural, industrial & OTR brands.

ATT adds over 600 years of combined experience in the Australian tyre market to this exclusive partnership. Providing you with access to a range of premium Agricultural, Industrial, OTR & Forestry tyres, curated for Australia’s unique conditions, through your local tyre dealer.

an Integrated Team of Experts dedicated to
exceeding your expectations

Ascenso Tyres Australia is a national brand exclusively distributed by Australian Tyre Traders with over 700 authorised distributors.   We have a dedicated team working across Australia, with our valued dealer business partners,  to support your brand experience.

Ascenso Tyres Capability & Capacity

Ascenso’s range of world class agricultural, industrial and OTR tyres are designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, located in Gujarat, India. The brand comes with significant manufacturing investment of over $100 million USD to date.

Their plant is spread over 127 acres of land and has a manufacturing capability of 70,000 metric tonnes, with plans to double this to support demand. The plant is a perfect mix of capability and capacity.

MTPL’s plans for global growth means that the Ascenso Brand in conjunction with end users in Australia will benefit from the experience, knowledge, investment and successful track record of the father-son duo, Ashok Mahansaria and Yogesh Mahansaria, as the owners of the Ascenso Brand.

Ascenso Tyres will work with Australian Tyre Traders to promote, market and distribute the brand through their exclusive distribution arrangement and with the local independent tyre dealer network across Australia.

Ascenso Tyres
Never Stop Rising

Ascenso Tyres has a vision to be the most preferred brand in the Australian agricultural, industrial and off road tyre markets.

The Ascenso Tyres mantra is ‘never stop rising’, which is an articulation of their passion to continually improve and grow in every aspect.

They apply this philosophy to the engineering, design and build quality of their product range.

The entire Ascenso range has been built with diverse applications in mind.  They have been designed to  outperform other leading brands.

Ascenso company values

Our values are what guide the way we do business.
These values help us create long term relationships with our associates and build win win partnerships.
We call our core values framework ‘ORANGE’.
Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.
Orange is also the colour of fall and harvest.


Take initiative
Accountability of results Strive for the highest quality
‘My organisation’


Accept diversity
Governance & compliance


Create value
Continuous Improvement
Customer engagement
Respond to change

Never Give Up

Believe in yourself
Accept failures
Nurture your dreams

Go Getter Together

Eager to learn
Be proactive
Generate solutions


Promote high commitment
Listen, don’t not just hear
Accept differences
Appreciate all
Recognise efforts