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Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) welcomes Ascenso Tyres as first dedicated Agricultural & Industrial Tyre brand to join Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS).

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) welcomes Ascenso Tyres as the newest contributor to Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS). Ascenso Agricultural & Industrial Tyres joins Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme to drive sustainable outcomes for Agricultural Off-The-Road tyres and reduce the burden of waste for future generations

Ascenso manufactures and distributes specialist Off-The-Road (OTR) tyres for the farm agriculture, construction, material handling and forestry sectors.   The Ascenso brand is distributed by Australian Tyre Traders, a family-owned Australian business who distribute with over 700 locally owned, independent tyre dealer partners around Australia.

It will contribute to the Scheme by paying a voluntary levy on every tyre imported into Australia. This contribution will accelerate efforts, led by TSA in collaboration with industry and government, to ensure the sustainable management, recycling and productive use of Agricultural and OTR tyres that end their life in Australia.


“In the agriculture sector alone, each year, an estimated 37,000 tonnes of Agricultural and OTR tyres are consumed, with less than 15% recovered as a valuable resource” says TSA CEO Lina Goodman.[1]

“Ascenso’s contribution will strengthen our ability to recover those tyres as a valuable resource for reuse in innovative ways, such as roads, pavement, sporting fields and agricultural mats. Developing more end-market solutions such as these will stimulate sustainable waste recovery efforts and reduce the ability of rogue operators to disrupt the recycling market.

“This is particularly important now as we struggle with disruptions to waste recovery, due to the global shipping crisis and labour shortages.

“Ascenso’s commitment to mitigate the impact their business has on the environment, not just in the country in which they manufacture, but also in the countries they export to, reflects a responsible, global view that we welcome here in Australia.”

Ascenso Managing Director Yogesh Mahansaria says: “Contributing to Australia’s Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme is a natural extension of our Tread Green philosophy.

“We have a deep respect for the markets in which we operate. This means we not only design high-quality tyres purpose-built for the conditions they must operate in, but we also want to give our customers confidence that, by using our tyres, they are contributing to sustainable environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

“We look forward to working with TSA and operators all along the supply chain in Australia’s tyre recovery circular economy to help it strengthen and fulfil its potential to extend the life cycle of our tyres.”


Australian Tyre Traders Managing Director Shane Morrissy says: “As an Australian family-owned business we are delighted to partner with Ascenso and TSA to support Australia’s tyre recovery circular economy. Practical decisions like tyre choice can now help Australian private and public business reach their own net carbon targets.”

Ascenso are the first dedicated Agricultural and Industrial brand to participate and take the number of OTR tyre importers voluntarily contributing to the national Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme to seven.

Goodman concludes: “We applaud the OTR importers backing their commitment to sustainable solutions for used tyres by making voluntary contributions.

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Timely local partnership with global agricultural & OTR tyre brand

Farm Weekly 24th March 2022

The Weekly Times:

Timely local partnership with global agricultural & OTR tyre brand

of Australia’s biggest tyre innovators and distributors, Australian Tyre
Traders (ATT) has announced a partnership that will bring one of the fastest
growing Agricultural and OTR brands in the world to Western Australia.

The partnership will see Ascenso Tyres enter the Australian
market in partnership with ATT, an Australian-owned and operated, private
family business who has been in the local tyre industry for more than 20 years.

this new partnership local farms can benefit from accessing a new agricultural tyre
range built on the back of a total of three decades in the global agricultural
tyre industry.  

owners of the Ascenso brand, Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL) are certainly
famous for their expertise in agricultural tyre development – having launched
two major global brands previously.   Their range of world class agricultural tyres
are designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, located in
Gujarat, India.   The brand comes with significant
manufacturing investment of over US$ 100 million to date.   Their plant is reportedly spread over 127
acres of land and has a manufacturing capability of 40 million tonnes,
with plans to double this to support demand.

are very excited to now be able to offer Ascenso tyres as part of our
agricultural, industrial, and commercial tyre offering,” says Australia Tyre
Traders (ATT) state manager Lloyd Esler.

introduction of the Ascenso partnership with ATT certainly couldn’t come at a
better time for the Western Australia market which has widely experienced strains
on Agricultural stock availability within the larger tyre sizing range this
seeding and spraying season.     

have been able deliver product into Australia on time – where and when we need
it which has been a blessing for ATT and our Western Australian Tyre dealer network”.
added Mr Esler.

range of tyre sizing is massive – our Perth warehouse has anything from a
600-19 tri rib to suit a vintage Massey Fergusson tractor through to 480/80R50
High load high speed to suit a self-propelled sprayer.”

the background ATT’s Australian engineering team has worked closely with
Ascenso to curate an impressive & diverse range of agricultural tyres for
the local market.   The decision to partner with Ascenso has delivered
scale for the market with more patterns and size offerings.

 “We have a locally
relevant product range with all the right sizes – and a local WA dealer network
who know their farm tyres and choose our products.   Being here
locally with relevant engineering and technical support for our local industry
will always remain our focus at ATT”, said Esler. 

local support team spends a significant amount of time in the field talking
with local tyre service providers and growers on how we can provide value to
their operations in way of tyres,” added Mr Esler.

markets are demanding innovation that supports the reduction in operating
costs, increases in efficiency and higher productivity.   The ATT brand philosophy is grounded in
simple facts that is resonating with local Western Australian customers – keep
it local by always supplying through a local tyre dealer in a town close by.    

were looking for a brand partner who was willing to back our continued push for
Australian local tyre knowledge and innovation.   We will be working with our customers to expand
to meet their demands for size and range,” said Mr Esler.  

Ascenso range is impressive, and we welcome the opportunity to showcase the
range to farmers through our dealer network. 
Our WA team are looking forward the next agricultural field days where
we have all types of requests for unique sized Agricultural tyres, with Ascenso
we are ready to distribute from Perth distribution centre straight to our
locally based tyre dealers.” 

brand has big plans for more patterns and more sizes ahead, which will be
developed with the benefits of global agricultural tyre manufacturing expertise
– for scale and from there its clearly all about staying local.  

Tyre Traders have been delivering innovation and product ranges that are
engineered and selected fit for purpose locally for years.   Now they are just doing it bigger with a
global partner.  

❐ More information: Contact the
experts at Australian Tyre Traders on 1300 761 802 or email [email protected]